Five Months

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Too tired for words. You’re lucky you got pictures. :) 

Aengus Og

For those of you still wondering about our choice of names for our son, for the record,  we did not name him after a brand of cattle, although we do believe the cow to be a magnificent animal. We actually chose the name after the Gaelic god of love and beauty, Aengus Og, which translates roughly as “the one” or “choice one.” According to mythology, he had a harp that made irresistible music, and his kisses turned into birds that carried messages of love. 

I believe the name fitting, and spectacularly cool, and that’s all I’m going to say about it.

And for Lou, this guy,
loureedfor songs like Satellite of Love, which we played at our wedding.

Angus is 3 months old.  He is sweet, delightful and drooly. He is starting to enjoy tummy time. It’s so dang easy to make him laugh.

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We’ve been having a lot of fun this spring. We were back in San Diego at the beginning of May to find a place to live.
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Here is a little preview, the view from the kitchen out to the back patio. Score!

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We got to contribute to the Hamilton-Schumacher road trip, when they stopped in San Diego for three days. Boy are we going to miss these guys. We know that we will be friends for life though and that we will watch all three of them do great things. How lucky we are to have spent this season of our lives together. DSC_0540 Osseous LR 49 Osseous LR 56 Osseous LR 30 Osseous LR 54 DSC_0574

The trip fell on my bestest friend Maren’s birthday, and we celebrated at Pomegranate a local Georgian restaurant. Vodka shots all around.
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Just one more year til we are reunited with these fools, our Sunday-dinner-in-your-pajamas-party friends. I can’t wait til they are back home and we can reinstate that tradition and start new ones.

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Until June 1, Chris will be dreaming of you, Scripps waves.

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And before I forget – these belated easter photos. And photographic evidence of why monkeys definitely should not jump on beds, or couches: Iyla’s torn frenulum and busted lip. Ouch. (now completely healed)

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Oh baby, them there eyes.

Angus is two months old. He’s at that age where he can look like a different baby from one angle to the next. He can look decidedly chubbier depending on whether he’s wearing a cloth or disposable diaper, naked or clothed. I say he’s dang cute from any angle. He is still a sweet sweet baby. He started smiling this month, which melts a mother’s heart. He is as kissable as he looks.

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Iyla & Mooshoos 024 Iyla & Mooshoos 026 Iyla & Mooshoos 023

Can you tell who’s who? Iyla came out looking maybe a little more like Chris and Angus definitely has some Tortorici in him. The top of his ears turn out just like my grandpa. But as he grows, just like Iyla, I can see more of a combination of our genes. It’s fascinating and adorable. DSC_0520 DSC_0514 Osseous LR 68 Osseous LR 93

DSC_0522Iyla and me before our mommy daughter date last weekend, with matching denim. We went to the library and had biscuits and milk tea at our favorite coffee shop. So much fun.


One month plus

Iyla, Iyla, Angus, Angus. One month compare and contrast. These aren’t the best photos of Iyla, but I’m on a time crunch – winning choice tonight between uploading photos and shower = shower all the way. Sorry folks.

Angus is a hardy dude. He gained almost 3 lbs his first month. No wonder I’m freaking exhausted & starving all the time. ! Forget pregnancy – nursing is when you truly are eating for two. Keep the casseroles coming people.


October Iyla Faded Colors October Iyla 013 19 24PS: Gamma lovingly called this the Vladimir Putin photo shoot, but I assure you, no animals were hurt (the bear is actually alpaca!)



Getting to know Angus over the last few weeks has been so amazing. He is such a sweet sweet little man.

Angus loves: taking long naps in someone’s arms, warm milk, snuggles, big sister, lullabies and baths.

Angus hates: cold balls & waiting too long for said warm milk.

Basically he is perfectly amenable to our lives as long as he is warm and fed. His “likes” list is every growing and so far his dislikes are simple. He takes right after his father in this attribute.

Since Angus has arrived it’s photo-op city over here. If I had a free hand most of the time I would be up to my elbows in photos to edit. As it is, I’ve still managed to capture loads of unbearable cuteness. I think you will agree. Enjoy and share. xoxo
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 50  52  59  67  68 DSC_0671 DSC_0672 DSC_0674 DSC_0676  85  86 DSC_0681 DSC_0682



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