Oh baby, them there eyes.

Angus is two months old. He’s at that age where he can look like a different baby from one angle to the next. He can look decidedly chubbier depending on whether he’s wearing a cloth or disposable diaper, naked or clothed. I say he’s dang cute from any angle. He is still a sweet sweet baby. He started smiling this month, which melts a mother’s heart. He is as kissable as he looks.

Osseous LR 39 Osseous LR 28 Osseous LR 35 Osseous LR 32 Osseous LR 21 Osseous LR 19 DSC_0528

Iyla & Mooshoos 024 Iyla & Mooshoos 026 Iyla & Mooshoos 023

Can you tell who’s who? Iyla came out looking maybe a little more like Chris and Angus definitely has some Tortorici in him. The top of his ears turn out just like my grandpa. But as he grows, just like Iyla, I can see more of a combination of our genes. It’s fascinating and adorable. DSC_0520 DSC_0514 Osseous LR 68 Osseous LR 93

DSC_0522Iyla and me before our mommy daughter date last weekend, with matching denim. We went to the library and had biscuits and milk tea at our favorite coffee shop. So much fun.


One month plus

Iyla, Iyla, Angus, Angus. One month compare and contrast. These aren’t the best photos of Iyla, but I’m on a time crunch – winning choice tonight between uploading photos and shower = shower all the way. Sorry folks.

Angus is a hardy dude. He gained almost 3 lbs his first month. No wonder I’m freaking exhausted & starving all the time. ! Forget pregnancy – nursing is when you truly are eating for two. Keep the casseroles coming people.


October Iyla Faded Colors October Iyla 013 19 24PS: Gamma lovingly called this the Vladimir Putin photo shoot, but I assure you, no animals were hurt (the bear is actually alpaca!)



Getting to know Angus over the last few weeks has been so amazing. He is such a sweet sweet little man.

Angus loves: taking long naps in someone’s arms, warm milk, snuggles, big sister, lullabies and baths.

Angus hates: cold balls & waiting too long for said warm milk.

Basically he is perfectly amenable to our lives as long as he is warm and fed. His “likes” list is every growing and so far his dislikes are simple. He takes right after his father in this attribute.

Since Angus has arrived it’s photo-op city over here. If I had a free hand most of the time I would be up to my elbows in photos to edit. As it is, I’ve still managed to capture loads of unbearable cuteness. I think you will agree. Enjoy and share. xoxo
 34 - Version 2DSC_0602
DSC_0603  21
 50  52  59  67  68 DSC_0671 DSC_0672 DSC_0674 DSC_0676  85  86 DSC_0681 DSC_0682


Introducing Angus Lou

This is me at 39 weeks and 4 days, the day Angus was born. I knew he was coming by the time we took this picture. I had just taken a shower and asked Chris to quickly take my 39 week picture before things got real. I am wearing my birthing necklace, made up entirely of beads given to me by some of the special supportive ladies in my life who were my natural birth champions. This picture was taken around 1:30 or 2 pm.

ext imp placement 9

I was so lucky that my friend Hope had decided to come down on Saturday, following a false labor alarm and stayed with us until after Angus was born. She took amazing care of me before, during and after labor.
ext imp placement 13

Iyla asking, “what Mommy do?” To which I think we replied something like,  “helping the baby come out.” She was very nonchalant about the whole thing like it was totally what she expected, like “oh, yeah, we get to see the baby soon. Cool.”


Here is as really real as it gets. This is me in cobblers pose, pushing the baby’s head out. Chris was my automatic back lift – pushing me up every time I had a contraction so that I could best leverage my body to get the baby’s head under my pelvic bone. This part of labor took about 45 minutes, but in it’s entirety I only had physically strenuous labor for about 4 hours. I attained my goal of cutting my labor by about half of the time it took with Iyla. Don’t ask me how I did it other than sheer hope.

ext imp placement 21 - Version 2

Precious little man right after they put him on my chest.

ext imp placement 24 - Version 2 ext imp placement 36

“Baby came out?!” This is the first moment of many of complete and utter awe. Iyla is so in love with her little brother.
ext imp placement 38 ext imp placement 61 DSC_0572We are all doing great. I am too tired to be graceful with my words so I will post a proper birth story later. Needless to say the important thing to know at this point is that we are all well, Chris is on a 2 week paternity leave from school and we are just hanging out here at home in our little nest of love and hormones and casseroles. It is the most magical time of our lives. Thank you for sharing it with us! xoxo

PS: 8 lb 9.6 oz; 21″ born at 6:49 pm on February 5, 2014

Time is going by way too fast.
sub epi ct graft 42

Iyla has seriously perfected the boot scoot. She prefers scooting naked. What can I say?

We stayed in Asheville, NC for a few days after New Years and ended up being there right in the middle of that nasty storm, but it was so beautiful and warm in our cabin we didn’t care. This is literally the view from inside the kitchen – sitting at the table. DSC_0561 DSC_0567

Iyla had fun taking “awesome” pictures with the binoculars.
It’s nice having a petit kid who can wear her 18 month winter jacket, albeit a tad short, so we didn’t have to buy anything new this year. DSC_0587 DSC_0574 DSC_0588

We made tofu spring rolls for Christmas eve. Iyla didn’t want to leave anything for Santa. She was a little apprehensive about a man coming in our house and eating our food, even if he was going to bring pink presents and balloons.
DSC_0509Admittedly, she felt better about the situation in the morning when she saw the bounty. She was really mostly excited about the balloons and the physical act of opening the packages.


And she was pretty stoked that Santa brought her her “own” can of cashews.

DSC_0519Some of our best and dearest friends moved to Nashville in December. Iyla and Amos were reunited for play today and they were so engrossed we had to cry “dragons” to get them to turn around for the camera. 

We love you guys!


Yep, 37 weeks. Sure feels like a lot of baby in there.


Iyla-style family cheeeeeese.



31 Weeks

sub epi ct graft 34We had a lovely thanksgiving. It was too short but it was our second to last trip to SD before the move in June! The next trip will be our house-hunting mission, a prospect which is one of the things that will make the last 5 months in Birmingham more bearable.  One of the others is the prospect of nurturing the love that blossomed between these two cousins. Freaking amazing and overwhelming preciousness occurred while they were together. I have more pics, but fear that more than a few per post will give anyone with ovaries a cute induced aneurism.

sub epi ct graft 78 DSC_0480 sub epi ct graft 80 sub epi ct graft 81 DSC_0483 sub epi ct graft 83

We are actually 32 weeks, and I was intending to take a better picture in which the sun was not directly in my face, but we all know what happens to the best intentions.
sub epi ct graft 18


Ok, ok…just a couple more. DSC_0443 DSC_0444

Chillin’ in Chuck’s supped-up beach wagon with their cinnamon scones. No big deal.

sub epi ct graft 47 sub epi ct graft 69Holy goodness.


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